For over 40 years, AIDS Vancouver has been creating and supporting community. AIDS Vancouver was founded out of urgent necessity in the early, uncertain days of the AIDS crisis. People living with HIV/AIDS, volunteers, staff, community partners, politicians, funders, and donors from all walks of life helped create a community of advocacy, support, and belonging. Since then, the epidemic has evolved — and our organization has evolved along with it. 
In February 2023, we started a community consultation process to revise our mission, vision, and name. Now, we are getting ready to share our new purpose, values, name and look, and celebrate the past and  present people and communities who have made this possible. We will celebrate the people who were there at the beginning of AIDS Vancouver and many other organizations, the work that happened outside of these formal organizations, and the contributions of people and organizations who are no longer here.
Ultimately, our new purpose, values, name and look are a celebration of our communities: what we have built together over four decades and counting, how we have taken care of each other, and what we have learned along the way. We are also celebrating the parts of AIDS Vancouver that will stay the same, the parts we heard it is time to change, and most importantly, the ways we will continue to show up for people living with HIV – and our broader communities – for years to come.
Starting in mid March, we will share our new purpose and values, in our online spaces, and in-person at the Grocery program, our office and groups on Seymour St., and John Ruedy Clinic, Positive Health Services, Rapid Access Addiction Clinic, and Oak Tree Clinic where our Peer Navigators work. And then, on March 26, we will announce our new name and look as part of our Community Celebration – and you’re invited.