At a Special General Meeting on February 6, 2023, the AIDS Vancouver membership endorsed a consultation process to revise the mission, vision, values statement, and brand, including our name and logo. We firmly believe this work will allow AIDS Vancouver to continue to support people living with HIV for many years to come. We remain committed to AIDS Vancouver's current programs and services, and will continue to deliver programs and services as usual through this process.

As we vision our future as an organization, we are excited to honour and build on the 40 years of work, care, and advocacy from individuals, past and present, who have made AIDS Vancouver what it is today. We are pleased to be working with Elder Sandy Laframboise to steward this important process, which will include Indigenous people, people living with HIV, and the broader community that accesses services at AIDS Vancouver.

The work to revise AIDS Vancouver’s mission, vision, values, and brand is a key part of our new strategic plan. Over the course of this strategic plan, we will be asking each other, "How can we support people living with HIV in 2023 and beyond?" as we work towards three objectives:

  1. Engage our community
  2. Vision our future
  3. Embed our principles

A full version of our strategic plan is available on our website. Hard copies are available on request at our office, the peer offices at JRC and the Surrey clinic, and by mail.  

We have set the ambitious goal of completing the process of revising our mission, vision, values statement, and brand (including our name and logo) by the end of March 2024. We are looking forward to these conversations and hearing your perspective, and will be sharing more details about how to get involved soon.

As always, if you have any feedback or questions, please connect with Sarah Chown, the AIDS Vancouver Executive Director by phone (604-696-4655), email ([email protected]) or appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you!