Peer Navigators assist other people with shared experiences (living with HIV, addictions, and living in communities most impacted by HIV). We works closely with Positive Health Services (PHS), John Ruedy Clinic (JRC), Rapid Access Addictions Clinic (RAAC), Oak Tree Clinic, and STOP pods in Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health.

We are located at:

John Ruedy Clinic (JRC): 5th Floor, 1080 Burrard St, Vancouver | 604-682-2344 ext 63894

Rapid Access Addictions Clinic (RAAC): St. Paul's Hospital 1080 Burrard St, Vancouver

Oak Tree Clinic: BC Women's & Children's

Positive Health Services Clinic / Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre: 3rd Floor, 9750 140th Street, Surrey | 604-315-1968

Ribbon Office: [email protected] | 604.348.6560

Peer Navigators can support people who are newly diagnosed with HIV, needing support with multiple health needs, or looking for additional supports. Peer Navigators can help:

  • live a full, healthy life with HIV, while navigating addictions, and as part of communities impacted by HIV
  • support selfcare, including the value of good diet, nutrition, housing, and exercise, and the value and cautions of complementary and alternative therapies
  • identify ways to prevent passing HIV while having sex, throughout pregnancy and baby feeding, and when injecting drugs
  • get up-to-date treatment information to make the best decisions for your care
  • develop self-advocacy skills 

Peer Navigators support you in gaining knowledge and developing strategies through a series of supportive discussions, peers use everyday language instead of jargon or medical terminology to make topics easier to understand. Peer Navigators across all three program areas:

  • Connect you with services in the community
  • Assist with appointment reminders and transportation arrangements
  • Accompany you in appointments and debriefing with you afterwards
  • Listen to your concerns and sharing similar experiences
  • Offer strategies to incorporate medications and diet changes into your daily routine
  • Serve as a "voice of experience" by proactively addressing and discussing shared issues

Living With HIV

Are you newly diagnosed and want to learn more about your future with HIV? Or have you been living with HIV for awhile and now need extra support for your emotional and physical health? Peer Navigators are HIV-positive—just like you—and they are here to help. With HIV treatment and support, you can live a healthy and active life. Learning how does not have to be overwhelming, and no one has to do it alone.

If you are newly diagnosed or have been living with HIV for many years, we are here to help! We are able to cover a range of topics that are of interest to you, including explaining the basics of HIV, self-care,  and supporting you to make decisions about treatment. We can also help you with ways to talk about HIV with others, including your rights to privacy and confidentiality, as well as other legal considerations.