We introduced our new purpose and values in March 2024, after a community input process called Vision Our Future. This process was possible because of 40+ years of volunteer and community efforts, passionate individuals, and the AIDS Vancouver team. We are so grateful for what has been built.


Over 100 people participated, and as we listened, we heard about how people want to feel when connecting with our programs and services, the role of people living with HIV in the HIV response when it comes to prevention and care, and the importance of seeing each unique experience with our shared experiences of HIV and HIV stigma. We heard how important our relationships are, and how people want us to show up when we need to change or do better.  


We took all of this and tried to pack it in to our new purpose statement and our four values, each of which represents so many more within it. Each one of these values reflects our commitment to the people who count on our programs and services for now and well into the future. Our four values are overlapping and connected, on purpose, and we are so excited to share them with you:

Our purpose statement

We support and empower our communities in overcoming the impacts of HIV and HIV stigma.

Our values

More information about each value is available here.

  • We nurture meaningful involvement of people living with HIV.  
  • We welcome our communities.  
  • We honour every journey.  
  • We are accountable. 
Whether you like this name, purpose, and values, and the parts of us that are changing – or you don’t – we are holding space for that and the many other feelings as all of us adjust to change.  As we embrace our new purpose and values, and yes, our new name, we want to assure you that if you are looking for AIDS Vancouver, we are still here. We will be continuing our usual programs and services, making sure they reflect out new purpose and values.

Ultimately, our new purpose, values, and name are a celebration of our communities past and present: what we have built, and what we have learned along the way; the connection and community borne out of remarkable grief and loss. As we share our new purpose, values, name and look, we are also celebrating what you told us you want to see change, the parts of us that will stay the same, and most importantly, they ways we will continue to show up for people living with HIV - and our broader communities - for years to come.