We are lucky to have so many incredible people on our team, with a variety of life experiences, skills, and training, to put our purpose into action. We also have dozens of volunteers who share their time, talent and expertise.

This Not everyone is listed on our website as part of our commitment to safety and privacy.

Senior Leadership & Operations

Sarah Chown, Executive Director (she, her, hers)

604-696-4655 | SarahC [at] RibbonCommunity.org

Glyn Townson, Director of Individual Client Services (he, him, his)

GlynT [at] RibbonCommunity.org

Laura Imayoshi, Director of Programs & Services (they, them, theirs; she, her, hers)


LauraI [at] RibbonCommunity.org

Jason Pinto, Operations Coordinator (he, him, his)

JasonP [at] RibbonCommunity.org

Peer Navigation Services

Gary Lising, Peer Navigation Manager

GaryL [at] RibbonCommunity.org

Community Programs

Wayne C, Community Programs Coordinator (he, him, his)

WayneC [at] RibbonCommunity.org

Lawrence C, Grocery Program Coordinator

LawrenceC [at] RibbonCommunity.org

Sarah M, Friends of May Program Coordinator

SarahM [at]  RibbonCommunity.org

Case Management

Case managers can be reached through our Reception Team at 604-893-2201

  • Anita 
  • Cherlyn
  • Jas
  • Jordan
  • Morgan
  • Natalie
  • Rob
  • Sam
  • Tanya