As a settler-led organization, Ribbon is working to build meaningful relationships with Indigenous people in our communities including the original stewards of this land - Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh people. We honour the Indigenous volunteers, staff, and community members who have shaped our work over the past 40+ years. In 2020, Elder Sandy Laframboise generously started work with us in our efforts to fully respect, welcome, and support Indigenous people within our communities. It is a result of her leadership that our Indigenous Programming Committee began.

Today, Ribbon is working to create intentional opportunities for Indigenous leadership, and ensure our organization is culturally connected for Indigenous people in our communities. We are deeply grateful for the leaders within our organization who are part of this process.

Indigenous Committee

The Indigenous Committee meets approximately twice per month, with the following goals:

1. Provide Indigenous perspective on initiatives at Ribbon Community such as public statements, internal policies, and program development

2. Identify and host programs and events that focus on Indigenous community building within Ribbon Community

3. Share input as to how Ribbon Community can better serve Indigenous people in our programs

4. Communicate with Indigenous community members about opportunities at Ribbon Community, and encourage and welcome new ideas about programming and ways of being at Ribbon Community

5. Welcome Indigenous community members to be part of Ribbon, including by sharing ideas for programs, participating in activities, and creating Indigenous spaces

Committee Members

The Committee has a maximum of six participants, in addition to Ribbon staff who take direction from the Committee.

The Committee is open to Indigenous people who are

  • recognized as Indigenous people, leaders, knowledge keepers, and/or Elders by their communities
  • peers to the communities AIDS Vancouver works with (people living with HIV, people experiencing substance use disorder, and male and gender diverse with past or present sex work experience)
  • can commit to meeting twice per month

The Committee decides on who the participants are together. The Committee must decide together to invite any new participants.

The Committee will include at least two Indigenous people living with HIV and one staff member (who may or may not be Indigenous). Ribbon will encourage participation from Indigenous people who are Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh and a minimum of one spot on the Committee will be held for a person from one of the local Indigenous communities.

Typically, Committee members will serve for a maximum of 12 months.

Some current committee members have shared their bios.


hi, I'm from manitoba. I have been positive for over 33 years and have been very active in volunteering at various non profit organizations aids service as well  other non-profits.I also worked part-time at canibas dispenaries. Most recently at a restaurant in New West until COVID started and then was laid off. I would like to find some other work in the future.