The Financial Assistance Fund (FAF) is open to people living with HIV and people who are active clients with our HIV Prevention Case Management team who are in need of one-time financial support.

Single people are eligible for a maximum of $150 each year. Up to $250 is available to people with dependents.

FAF is only available after options, such as provincial, federal, or Status First Nations benefits are exhausted. It covers specific situations, such as:

    • Medical needs not otherwise covered, including prescription medications, mobility devices, etc.
    • Public transit, including the annual bus pass program for low-income seniors and/or replacement of a loss bus pass
    • Identification, including fees associated with getting or replacing personal identification, changing a gender designation or name, and passports
    • Housing stability, including funds to avert an eviction, make a deposit payment for storage or market housing, or pay rent arrears when there is an a plan to secure remaining funds

New in 2024, the Financial Assistance Fund may also provide support for:

  • Gender-affirming care needs, not otherwise covered, including: packers, binders, and laser hair removal
  • Access to culture, including: culturally-specific food, registration fees for cultural activities, culturally-specific clothing, cultural medicines and cultural material
  • Up to $50 towards phone bills, connection/set up fees or repairs, once per year, to a maximum of $50

AIDS Vancouver Case Managers are available to complete an application for the Financial Assistance Fund during drop in hours or during appointments. Visit our office on the 4th floor at 1101 Seymour St. or call 604-893-2201 and ask to speak to a Case Manager.


The Financial Assistance Fund is entirely funded by our generous donors. 

Please help us continue to offer the Financial Assistance Fund by donating today.